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Home Spa

Fight drying or flaky Summer skin with our All Natural Sea Salt Scrub

California Rose Garden Home Spa Treatment

Turn your bathroom in to your own spa sanctuary
Too busy to make it into your favorite spa to get scrubbed, rubbed, massaged or steamed? You can recreate many of your favorite spa treatments with Bath Petals in the privacy of your own home, for a fraction of the price, on your own schedule - no appointment necessary!

There are a few things you will need to set up your home-spa sanctuary properly. You will need to create two areas: your bathroom will become your "treatment room", and your patio, bedroom or living room will become your "quiet room" where you can relax after your treatment. Clear away any clutter that will prevent you from relaxing and focusing on your spa experience to come. Stash your hair products and make-up under the counter. Supply your bathroom with plenty of fresh towels, and make yourself a pitcher of "spa water" - ice water with sliced lemons or oranges and cucumber. You'll need this to rehydrate after your treatment in your quiet room. Most importantly, turn off your computer, television, radio, turn that cell phone off. You cannot be distracted during your mini spa vacation to come.

Sea Salt Scrub - A Body Glow from Head to Toe

A treatment to smooth & polish the skin, increase circulation and invigorate your entire body.

What you will need:
All-Natural Bath & Shower Gel and out Sea Salt Scrub

Note: This is a great treatment to do before applying self-tanner to slough off any dry skin cells. Do not shave prior to doing this treatment.


  1. Step into the shower, turn on very warm water and wash your entire body with either the Soap Bar or Shower Gel. Rinse your hair, and if it is long, tie it in a ponytail so it's out of the way. It is very important not to use any other shampoos, conditioners or other scented products that will interfere with the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oils in your Bath Petals.

  2. Now that you are clean from head to toe, and your bathroom is warm from the shower steam, its time to scrub. Turn off the water. Open up you scrub jar. Reach in and swirl the oil and salt together, then scoop out a small handful into your right hand. Start with your left wrist, and in a gentle, circular motion, rub the salt scrub up your left arm to your shoulder, and across your chest. Now, do the same thing to your rightt arm. Then, scoop more scrub into your right hand. Rub both hands together to evenly distribute the scrub, and in a gentle, circular motion, rub the salt scrub on your stomach, reaching around your ribs to your middle and lower back. Now, its time for your legs. You may want to prop one leg up on the side of the bathtub to make this easier. Scoop out salt scrub into your right hand and reach across to your left ankle. Massage and scrub your lower leg, then do your thighs, paying special attention to the back of your thighs and your behind. These areas of the body, which are prone to cellulite, benefit from extra circulation, so pay special attention. Now, scoop scrub into your left hand and repeat the treatment on our right leg. Now, use any remaining scrub to exfoliate your feet. You will want to be very careful at this point, as the oils in salt scrub can make you shower floor very slippery.

  3. Turn the warm water on and rinse off for a few minutes. Do not rush, instead, take a few long, deep breaths and inhale the pure essences surrounding you. You may want to use soap to remove any excess oil on your skin, but better yet, leave the oil on. The warm water will open your pores, allowing the essential oils to penetrate your skin. Exit the shower, and pat your body dry with a towel. Now is the perfect time to put on a plush bathrobe, get your glass of iced "spa water" and relax in your own "quiet area" with your favorite book or magazine. You may even want to take a nap to rejuvenate yourself.