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About Us

Bath Petals is a Los Angeles-Based Manufacturer of All Natural Spa Products

The Company - A women owned, family operated manufacturing business, inspired to promote beautiful skin, health and wellness by producing 100% natural spa quality skin care products from nature's bounty. As a family, and as a business team, we pride ourselves on promoting personal and environmental health with products that say, "Nature"...

Bath Petals was launched in 2001, by mother-daughter business team Patricia Filaseta and Julie Warnock, with a vision to create aromatherapy products highlighting the understated elegance of nature, manufactured from entirely natural ingredients. Not another chemical-laden, private-labeled beauty brand, Bath Petals' unique 100% natural products, available in eight signature essential-oil scents are only available under the authentic Bath Petals brand, and manufactured to order, at the Bath Petals factory in Los Angeles, California.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Bath Petals factory is just blocks away from LA's bustling Fashion District in romantic old downtown. Bins of sea salt, jugs of essential oils, racks of curing soap, and bags of dried flower petals line the walls, while the smell of lavender and roses penetrates the air. The Bath Petals factory runs day and night to produce its line of unique natural products, which is shipped to spas, resorts, wellness centers, beauty boutiques and individuals throughout the United States, Canada and the UK.


The Mission - To create all-natural, cruelty-free beauty products manufactured from raw agricultural materials to the highest possible standards of quality, purity and integrity, free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. To align ourselves with organizations that share our beliefs in natural, chemical-free and cruelty-free beauty products.

Bath Petals' products are 100% natural, made from agricultural materials, and free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Our ingredients are organic, meaning that they are made from materials that were once living, such as sunflower seed oil - not grown in a laboratory's test-tube. We've searched high and low for the finest quality raw materials. Our mineral-rich sea salts are harvested from the Pacific Ocean and contain important trace minerals for nourishing the skin. Our vegetable oils, butters and waxes are expeller-pressed, and still contain the vitamins and essential fatty acids of their respective plants. Our therapeutic-grade essential oils are pressed or distilled from flowers and herbs, such as lavender, mint, and rosemary, and contain the essential properties of their derivative plants. Our bar and liquid soaps are natural vegetable soaps, made from saponified vegetable oils, which create a rich, bubbly lather that does not strip or dry the skin. Most mass-produced soaps contain tallow, an animal fat, and irritating detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Rather than pollute our natural formulations with synthetic preservatives and colors, we've opted to use natural preservatives and colors. Most cosmetics contain the preservatives Methyl Paraben or Propyl Paraben, which are irritating to the skin, have been found in high concentrations in cancerous breast tumors. Rather than use these potentially dangerous chemicals, we use anti-oxidant vitamins A, C & E, along with rosemary extract and grapefruit seed extract to extend the shelf life of our natural products. Many cosmetics also contain FD&C colors, most of which are coal-tar dyes, which are derived from petroleum. Bath Petals uses chlorophyll, carotene and carmine to color our products. These natural colors create beautiful hues of green, orange, red and purple, and are made from renewable natural resources. Bath Petals never has, and never will, test its products on animals, or use a raw material that is tested on animals. Most Bath Petals are vegan, too.

Bath Petals is proud to be involved with the following organizations:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
Bath Petals has joined the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and signed the "Compact with America" - pledging to formulate our products using only ingredients that are not known or suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects. For more information about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, please visit

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Bath Petals is included on PETA's list of Companies that don't test on animals. Bath Petals has never, and will never test its products on animals, or purchase raw materials that have been tested on animals. Most Bath Petals products are vegan, with the exception of the products that contain beeswax, honey or carmine. For more information on PETA, please visit and


The Vision - To offer natural spa quality therapies for home use that re-create the spa experience at home, to promote wellness and relaxation in stressful times, with natural alternatives to irritating, harmful chemical-laden body care products.

Ancient civilizations first cultivated the art of aromatherapy to promote health, relaxation and well-being. The first cosmetics were handcrafted from raw, natural materials such as beeswax and essential oils because those were the only materials available. Today, with the plethora of chemical-laden, private-labeled products on the market, those who are seeking a therapeutic home spa experience are returning to natural, handcrafted products. In these stressful times, with the constant onslaught of noise, traffic and non-stop communication, the bathtub may very well be the last sanctuary. After a stressful day, a steamy aromatherapy soak, followed by a body scrub and a foot massage is a great way to unwind and reconnect with your center. Bath Petals products are designed to help turn a regular bathroom into a home-spa, anytime of the day or night, at a fraction of the cost of spa treatments.


The Value Of All-Natural Products - Bath Petals has 'Petal Power' and is fully bio-degradable, uses absolutely no petroleum or coal tar chemicals, synthetic colors, fragrances or preservatives and is never tested on animals.

Natural products are healthy for the body and the Earth. Bath Petals uses agricultural products, harvested from renewable resources such as Pacific sea salt (made from evaporated sea water), vegetable oils from seeds and plants, and essential oils from herbs and flowers. Bath Petals never uses an ingredient that is derived from petroleum or coal tar, such as paraffin for candles or FD&C colors. The raw materials in our products are fully biodegradable, and you don't have to worry about sea salt and essential oil infused water polluting our oceans and streams after you drain your bath tub - its Earth-friendly and biodegradable. Our soaps are detergent-free and biodegradable too. We believe in environmental responsibility, and ask that our customers recycle and reuse the bottles, jars, tins and packaging material that they receive with their Bath Petals orders.


Bath Petals' Signature Essential Oil Scents

Australian Eucalyptus - An Aborigine remedy from the land "down under," with a healing, invigorating infusion of the native eucalyptus essential oil.

California Rose Garden - A rare floral infusion, from Southern California's magnificent rose gardens. Very fragrant and calming, combining rose and geranium essential oils.

French Alpine Lavender - From the blue lavender fields of the French Alps - an aromatic, soothing and relaxing infusion of true lavender essential oil.

Greek Honey Mint - The ancient Greeks believed of mint that the "very smell of it alone refreshes the spirit..." These cool and tingling wild honey and spearmint therapies combine wild amber honey with spearmint and peppermint essential oils.

Sicilian Blood Orange - From the gentle slopes surrounding Sicily's Mount Etna Volcano...a rare citrus infusion to energize and uplift from Italy's famous citrus trees with Blood Orange, Lemon & Grapefruit Essential Oils, leave the body energized.


The Bath Petals Product Line

Aromatherapy Soy Candles - Pure soy wax candles, made with clean-burning cotton wicks, burn for 30 hours and will bring a delicate fragrance into the home, office or bath with the exquisite scent of fine essential oils. Aromatherapy Candles contain absolutely no paraffin, additives, zinc or lead... only pure, natural ingredients for a clean, soot and smoke free experience.

Shower Gel - A pure liquid Castile soap, but loaded with pure essential oils for rich, fragrant bubbles. This natural, mild shower gel is free of irritating detergents, such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

Bath Salts - A mineral-rich bathing therapy to restore mind, body and spirit. Bath Salts contain natural Pacific sea salt, essential oils, natural colors, and petals or leaves, depending on the scent. Sea salt softens the bath water, allowing the essential oils and trace minerals to disperse in the warm water and soak into the skin. Soaking in an essential oil infused bath is a luxurious way to relax, unwind and restore inner balance and peace.

Body Butter - A nourishing blend of shea butter, cocoa butter, infused with pure essential oils and Vitamin E. Perfect for a luscious, sensual massage and a favorite for softening, healing and protecting the skin, while increasing elasticity and quenching dryness.

Body Oils - A luxurious, vitamin-rich oil for moisturizing, bathing or massage, body oil contains a blend of nourishing emollient oils, enriched with healing Vitamin E, pure essential oils and natural colors.

Salt Scrub - A combination of mineral-rich sea salt, essential oils and a blend of vitamin-enriched emollient oils to polish and moisturize the body from head to toe.